The Mystery of the Lost Recipe

The Mystery of The Lost Recipe by Jerome Jones is a lively story about two mystery solving siblings, who use their skills to help others. The children also teach young readers the importance of eating healthy and exercising, especially when working hard on a case.

Tommy and Abby learn that the Orange Surf Restaurant has lost their lasagna recipe and without it the diners will be very disappointed. They decide to take the case and help the owner solve the mystery. First they stop by the Orange Surf Restaurant to enjoy a healthy breakfast, knowing it is essential to keep their minds sharp and give them the energy they’ll need throughout the day. After breakfast the kids look for Mr. Nut, the restaurant owner, to see what information they can uncover. Will the Tommy and Abby be able to solve the case before the dinner rush?

The Mystery of The Lost Recipe entertains readers through energetic text and bright illustrations. The message of embracing a healthy lifestyle and helping those in your community is invaluable for both children and adults alike. (AMAZON.COM)

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The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms by Jerome Jones is a short mystery story for children. When the high school team’s uniforms go missing, kid detectives Abby and Tommy are on the case. Together they promise to find the uniforms before game day.

The first thing I noticed about The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms is that Abby and Tommy are very independent, responsible children. Not only do they eat healthily but they are careful thinkers. They study the information they have on the case and figure out the best way to proceed. . .

The illustrations are bright and colorful and I liked that Abby and Tommy are shown wearing their bicycle helmets and being safe. I love the idea of a mystery series for children. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and would like my daughter to start reading mysteries as soon as she can. This would be a good series for her because it fits in her age range.

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms is the second book in Jones’ mystery series. The first book in the series is The Mystery of the Lost Recipe. I have yet to read it but would like to with my child. I hope to see more books in this series soon. (Readers Favorite)

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